Help! I Want to Play Piano: Get the Answers No One Dares to Ask – When to Quit, Do I Really Need a Teacher, What About YouTube, What’s Instant Play, … and more! (Ticklin’ the Ivoreez Series)

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Jennifer Rodriguez, CEO & Founder, IVOREEZ: Play piano in 60 seconds


“Many people have a failed music experience in their youth. And, their story is followed by the words, “I regret quitting.” That’s a telling fact about private lessons! As a teacher and music entrepreneur, it calls me to give a peek inside the traditional experience of piano lessons: the good, bad and ugly. The book is a simple, easy to read, modern guide to the Top 30 questions asked about lessons that some teachers don’t (or won’t) discuss like, “My kid watches Youtube videos to learn. Is that learning?”  or “When should be fire our piano teacher? What are they supposed to be learning?”  It reveals other methods that have had success and newer, simpler pedagogy that serves the audience of instant play, gaming gratification… much like “Guitar Hero”.  I recommend it to anyone who’s considering taking lessons, families that are beginning lessons, or those who recently quit.   It just might inspire you to keep playing!




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This fun, easy to read, and confusion-free comprehensive guide is the newest source for piano beginners and offers current, honest and experienced information. With no-nonsense talk, this book breaks down the complexities of the piano learning (buying, hiring, & firing) process and will expose the answers no one dares to ask, like: • When to quit piano lessons • Do I really need a piano teacher • Can I really learn from YouTube • What methods work and why • What do I do with an untalented kid • How do I choose a piano software product • What’s up with the mandatory recital • How long before I can sight read music • What other costs are associated with lessons Written by a Piano teacher, this inspirational and light-hearted resource uncovers real life experiences, explains what’s necessary vs. hype and presents current day answers to popular questions. The many options for instruction, the questions to ask when interviewing a music teacher and the correct method that’s customized to your learning style and performance goals, are revealed in this organized handbook. Before you start interviewing teachers, ordering software or buying pianos, pick up this quick guide to make the smartest & best choice in your musical journey. And, if you should fall away from your journey, you’ll be sure to find many options for piano quitters, dabblers and posers, too. “This collection of student experiences, parents’ stories, and real life situations prompted the creation of this book. These experiences and questions have led me to make a sobering discovery: Having a positive musical experience far outweighs any musical knowledge that is gleaned from lessons. In separating the interest levels and properly aligning the correct approach with the correct goal, you’re chances for success and enjoyment are far better overall. Consider that private lessons should be reserved for the future professional and alternative mediums encouraged to embrace the fun & creativity of casual playing. Now, THIS would be a celebration of genuine music creation. It’s a new world out there and music has a place in everyone’s life regardless of circumstance.” Discover the fun, easy & effective ways that music can be a part of YOUR life.