Food for the Journey – by Jill Davis


As a recent speaker for TedX Colorado Springs Jill has “Ideas Worth Spreading.” With a wide range of products and services, Jill can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. As a Life Coach, she offers workshops and coaching in weight loss, finding your mischievous joy and succeeding in your direct sales business. Jill is passionate about shortening the learning curve to becoming Brave, Beautiful, YOU!

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Many of us have spent years or decades overweight and have lost hope. We’ve learned that diets not only don’t work, they set us up to fail. But what is the alternative? I didn’t know until I learned to use food as nutrition, not to stuff my emotions. I realized that food is not good or bad; it doesn’t have mortality and I am not good or bad based on the foods I eat.

After losing 135 pounds and keeping it off for many years, I discovered how to offer unconditional love to my body and myself. I want that for you, dear reader.

This book will help you move past yo-yo diets and learn to listen to your body, to eat when you are hungry, and stop when you are full. You will learn to trust your body and rely on your intuition to guide you. You will move from food obsession and learn to relax around eating and food as you rebuild your self-esteem. Most importantly, you will learn that it is you who matters, not the number on the scale.

Move into your soul size, embrace the journey, and truly fall in love with your body and your life as you meld your body, mind, and soul, and become the Brave, Beautiful You that you are.


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