Fighting for Our Lives – by Heather Choate

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Heather Choate is the #1 Bestselling Author of Fighting for Our Lives and numerous fiction publications. Having had to fight for her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant at age 29, gave Heather a new perspective on life and marriage. She and her husband had to rely upon a bedrock foundation of trust, support, faith, tenacity and persistence to survive and protect the life of their unborn baby, while keeping their marriage intact. Heather understands the raw, day-to-day struggles couples face having dealt with depression, anxiety, illness and lack of solid communication in marriage and she teaches people how to build a foundation of unconditional love for themselves and their spouse.

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True stories of survival: Mother and unborn child beat cancer through faith and determination

One of the truly remarkable stories of faith and determination: At age 29, Heather Choate was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was ten weeks pregnant with her sixth child. Her unborn baby became victim to the fast-spreading and highly dangerous cancer in Heather’s body that already spread to her lymph nodes. Doctors told her she needed to abort her baby to save her life. Heather told them, “I’d rather die than take the life of my baby.” Heather and her husband set out to find a way to save both mother and baby. The journey pushed them to the fringes of their stamina, tested the strength of their familial relationships and found them clinging to their faith like it was the last bit of thread on a lifeline.

Reading true stories of survival may change your life: We all have unexpected adversity in life. It’s those things that we think “will never happen to us.” It could be the loss of job, the birth of a special needs child, the downturn of the economy or an unexpected health challenge. Most of us would easily crumble under such circumstances, but Heather found that its not about what happens to you, its about what you do with it. You don’t have to almost die, to learn how to live and Heather shows us how. Despite adversity, nearly impossible challenges can be met, families can be strengthened and faith can sustain even the most desperate souls on their journey. She brings her role as cancer warrior into the real lives of readers, addressing topics that affect them most: dealing with doubt and insecurity, discovering who they really are, renewing their passion, negotiating family strife, releasing relentless regrets, succeeding against temptation, weathering their worst fears, pressing on against fatigue and illness, uprooting bitterness and more. Fighting for Our Lives will take you on a journey of self-examination and appreciation of the beauties of today, and the book could actually change your life.

What you’ll learn in Fighting for Our Lives:

• Don’t just survive challenges, thrive through them. • How to use your power of choice, because it’s not what happens to you that matters, its what you do about it. • Practical ways that faith sustains and strengthens. • How to deal with doubt and insecurity. • Best ways to release negativity and find forgiveness. • How to trust your inner voice

1 review for Fighting for Our Lives – by Heather Choate

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Heather takes you on an intimate journey through a pivotal moment in her and her family’s life. Her story, weighing her life and the life on her unborn baby, will give you the confidence to stand by your beliefs and hold firm to your decisions. She shares all; you see the good and the bad and realize how similar we all are. You quickly understand that it is okay to be simply human.

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